Manufacturer Spotlight

This will, at some point, serve as a comprehensive list of cigar manufacturers.  Each spotlight, to be published semi-weekly (or just randomly) will include a historical look at the company, the people behind it, and the brands they make.  Manufacturers will be added to the list below as I go along, so keep checking back!

Just click on a link below and enjoy!

Altadis – Allied Tobacco Distribution.  Montecristo, RyJ and Trinidad and much more.  This one post took almost a month to complete!

Arturo Fuenteeverything from Anejo to Sosa!

AVO – all of the wonderful lines and Limited Editions from my favorite line of cigars!

CAO – the innovative company that has brought you the Brazilia and MX2!

Carlos Torano - makers of one of my go-to cigars.

Davidoff – Everything from Avo to Zino!

Di Fazio Cigars – a great new boutique in the heart of Miami.

Don Pepin Garcia – One of the most influential figures in cigars today. DPGs, Tats, EO, Padilla, Ashton… the list goes on!

El Titan de Bronze – A great boutique brand from Little Havana, Miami!

General Cigar Company – Hoyo, Punch, Macanudo oh my!

Gurkha – over 90 different “lines” and limited editions!

Havana Cellars (Tatuaje) – Pete Johnson is a rock star in cigars, creator of the hugely popular Tatuaje line.  Includes his other creations like La Riqueza, Ambos Mundos and Cabaiguan…

La Caya – Great cigars from the Dominican Republic for over 10 years.

La Flor Dominicana – one of the DR’s best!

Molina Cigar Company - creators of the new Devil’s Weed cigar.

Paul Garmirian – Great mild & flavorful Hendrik Kelner-made cigars from this great boutique brand!

Pinar del Rio Cigars - great new boutique honoring the famous valley in Cuba.

Rocky Patel – the full list is found here!

Ted’s Made by Hand – Ted’s, simply fine cigars!

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