The Art of the Cigar

Included in this page will be links to posts I have written that address the “Art of the Cigar”.  Hopefully this will be helpful, educational and fun for the novice and the most seasoned pro.  This section is “Under Construction” as it will be constantly updated, so make sure you check back often!  Click on the title to access the link.  If the title is not hyperlinked, then I haven’t written anything yet!  :)

Cigar Accessories – Cigar toys!  Yay!

Cigar Anatomy – What’s in this thing I’m smokin’?

Cigars and Aging – Discussion on the benefits of aging cigars, aged wrapper vs. aged cigar and vintage cigars.

Cigar Etiquette – How to be a “proper” cigar enthusiast.

Cigar Flavor Components – what’s this you taste?  Find out here!

Cigar Lexicon – Here’s a continually updated (as I think of them) directory of cigar terms.

Cigar Pairings - Here’s a list of what drinks do and do not pair with cigars.

Cigar Shades – From green to black, here’s a list and some examples of each shade of The Leaf.

Cigar Shapes and Sizes – A list of traditional sizes and shapes, along with a section of the more outlandish sizes and shapes.

Cigar Strains- A little write-up on Common Cigar Strains.  A primer to read before the section on Wrapper types.

Cigar Wrappers – Here’s a list of every wrapper I could find under the sun (and shade).

Flavored Cigars – There out there… so I might as well talk about them.

Fumas/Bundled Cigars – A list of some of the better inexpensive cigars out there…

History of Cigars – A brief history of the cigar, plus a time line of important dates in the History of the Cigar.

How a Cigar is Made – From growing to rolling to curing to aging.  The whole nine yards.

How to Smoke a Cigar – You’d be surprised at how many people get this wrong.  This section includes how to light, cut, relight and dispose of your cigar.

Local B&M vs. Internet Stores – A comparison of a brick & mortar (B&M) stores to a internet-based catalog stores.

Size Matters (Sometimes) – A comparison of small to large ring gauge cigars.

Tasting a Cigar - A section on how to taste a cigar, with a little science thrown in!

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