Zen Cigar of the Year

Here’s where I will begin to collect from my soon to be many years of blogging, each Zen Cigar of the Year.

This cigar has to have met a few simple requirements:

  1. It was new to that year.  Most other blogs don’t do this.  I like to be different.  :P
  2. It’s production run, even if limited, has to be available to a wide number of consumers.
  3. It’s affordable.  The Cigar if the Year should not be a 30 dollar super-premium.

That’s it!

Zen Cigars of the Year:

2010 – La Flor Dominicana Air Bender - every size tastes different, from medium and flavorful to intoxicating and in your face.

2009 – Liga Privada T-52 – won both the readers’ vote and mine for Cigar of the Year!  This is an amazingly full-bodied complex and robust smoke that won’t fry your palate and will have you begging for another!

2008 – The Cruzado – Created by the mastermind behind the ultra-popular Illusione line, Dion Giolito hit it out of the park again with a peppery, balanced and extremely complex cigar.

Zen Limited Edition Cigar of the Year – a special category for the hard to find small-batch gems that make up the best tobacco and blends money can buy!

2009Padron No. 44 Natural & the Avo Companero – You the Readers picked the Avo Companero and I picked the ultra-limited Padron No. 44 natural!

The Zennie

4 Responses to Zen Cigar of the Year

  1. Tom says:

    Great choice,I agree. This cigar is unique and is perfectly constructed.

  2. Cigar Coop says:

    Great pick for 2009 – the T52 was my Cigar of the Year for that year too.


  3. litedave says:

    Hey Zen.
    Why limit yourself to what was new to the current year? Streach out and grab some more.
    Good reviews.

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